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Fee Calculator for eBay Sellers

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Know Your Numbers

Profit Finder is a fee calculator for eBay to help you to have a clear understanding of how much you would make selling on eBay.

Profit Finder eBay Tools

Templates & History

Save common selling formats for quick calculations. You can also save calculations for later viewing.

Profit Finder Templates

Advanced eBay Tools

Whether you are a small or large seller, Profit Finder offers you the full range of available options from eBay managed fees to eBay stores.

Profit Finder Templates

Dark Mode

Light or dark? Profit Finder comes with both a light and dark mode that you can choose or use you system setting.

All Features

Batch Sales

Enter a quantity to determine your total sales and fees.


Enter your desired margin to determine the sale price.

Drop Ship

Include the cost of drop shipping in your results.

Miscellaneous Fee

Enter any additional fee associated with your sale.

Tax Rate

Select a tax rate for your given region.

Dark or Light Mode

Enjoy Profit Finder's finely tuned dark mode.

Managed Payments

Use eBay's new fees for managed payments.

Fixed Price or Auction

Profit Finder supports both sale types.

Promoted Listing

Include an additional fee for promoting your listing.

eBay Store

Fees are supported for all store types.

Listing Upgrades

Add any additional listing upgrades such as a subtitle or scheduled listing


Save common settings for quick calculations.


Save calculations for later viewing.

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